Residential Cistern Tank Install and Repairs

Water cisterns are generally used at sites where there is no viable access to well water and no availability of municipal services. Cistern tanks are a good low cost alternative for cottage and lake lots.  A common cistern is filled by removing an access cap at grade and a water truck fills in with potable water. 

Cistern tanks are a lasting lower cost alternative to a well for your lake lot, acreage or cottage.

Cisterns are typically buried with approximately 4’ of earth cover in order to keep the water cool and clear while protecting the tank and contents from freezing in winter. A submersible jet pump in the cistern is connected to a pressure tank and control switch located inside the house. An alternative arrangement is to locate a variable demand pump in the tank. This option provides a simpler arrangement and constant tap pressure, but at a higher cost.

One important factor to consider in sizing a cistern is the expected water demands of the household, which is influenced by the number, age, gender, and behaviors of the residents, as well as by the characteristics of the installed plumbing fixtures. Another important sizing factor is the hauling capacity and pricing patterns of commercial water haulers serving the area. Many districts in Alberta are served by water haulers with 2,000 to 3,000 gallons of capacity. More than a 1-month supply in the tank is not desirable; less than a 1-week supply is inconvenient.

new Cistern Tank Installed
New Cistern Tank Install by Circle K Groundworks

Circle K Septic Services Ltd provides you with only the best Cistern Tanks at an unbeatable price as we purchase directly from the wholesaler. Our trained technicians will be able to inform you which tank and size will best suit your family’s needs and location.

Completed Cistern Repair
Completed Cistern Repair & Cistern Cleaning by Circle K Groundworks

All water cisterns provided by Circle K Septic Services Ltd have the following industry-leading features:

  • Cisterns can be upgraded with Xypex or Kryton brand microcrystalline sealant mixed right into the concrete, making it virtually impermeable
  • Raised-lip manhole on roof of tank for superior sealing of manhole extensions
  • Threaded 1.25″ brass outlet for superior connection of pressure lines to the pump and to the house supply line
  • Cold seam one-piece construction locks in the tank roof for superior strength and longevity of the tank
  • 20-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship
  • Concrete overlapping style man way cover and one roll of non-toxic butyl rubber sealant for man way extension included at no extra cost

Edmonton and area cistern tank installs and repairs

Contact Circle K Septic Services Ltd today if you would like a quote for our cistern tank install or repairs for residential projects located in Edmonton and its surrounding area, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County.