Commercial High Pressure Flushing and Steaming

Circle K Septic Services Ltd provides high pressure flushing and steaming of sewer pipes and we use CCTV cameras for inspections.

Sewer & Water Line Cleaning and Inspections

Avoid costly repairs with regular maintenance

Cleaning out your lines and pipes thoroughly and regular inspections will help keep your system running properly and avoid costly repairs and damage to your sewer system.

Having your sewer pipes cleaned under your building is important for ensuring it runs properly with no clogging, and it also helps to do a thorough inspection to effectively maintain it. We have specialized cleaning equipment designed to remove roots, fats, oils, grease, and other solids that build up and that could compromise the system.

Maintenance of lines and pipes
Maintain all pipes & lines to provide our customers with peace of mind!
hydro excavate electrical line
Circle K Groundworks has high pressure steaming to unfreeze & unclog your lines

High Pressure Flushing & Steaming

Circle K Septic Services Ltd has high pressure cleaning trucks which blast water through the sewer pipes to clean them without causing any damage. High pressure cleaning can take care of clearing pipes that are more challenging to clean, and it also is a good option for safely thawing pipes and duct lines.

CCTV Inspections

Clean Pipes and Thorough Inspections Will Help Keep Your System Running Properly

Circle K Septic Services Ltd uses the latest CCTV camera and video technology to inspect and diagnose your sewer and water systems.

These cameras assess the inside of the pipe system and allow our staff to quickly address any issues and pinpoint the exact location of the problem.

This video technology allows us to easily inspect other infrastructures as well as sewer lines such as tanks, pits, and lift stations.

Certified Septic Sytem Inspections
Certified Inspections By Circle K Groundworks

Edmonton and area High Pressure Flushing and Steaming

Contact us for expert cleaning of your pipes and for detailed inspections for commercial projects located in Edmonton and its surrounding area, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County.