Parkland County Septic Repairs & Installations

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Certified technicians to repair and service all septic tanks & fields

Licensed and knowledgeable technicians for all your new septic tank & field installations

Circle K Groundworks provides professional repairs and new installations. We use only the best products and provide installer and parts warranty for all our services. Our expert team will work with you to find out the proper system and usage needs of your family to design the perfect system for your needs. We pride ourselves on repairing and maintaining our clientele’s systems in a prompt, cost effective and efficient manner while ensuring exceptional attention to detail to ensure your system stays running properly avoiding any preventable break downs. Circle K Groundworks likes to share information to better give our customers the knowledge  to look after and maintain their systems helping prevent issues. 

Did you know that most soaps, cleaners and chemicals you use in your home are harmful to not only the enviroment but to your septic system?

There are a number of all natural and chemical free cleaners that you can use that are safe for your septic field and septic tank with the added benefit of being better for our environment. Did you know that even with water treatment plants dangerous nitrogen’s and certain chemicals are making it into our drinking water? Look for biodegradable and all natural cleaners. You can make most of these at home yourself if preferred! An easy effective cleaner that doubles as  a disinfectant is vinegar and water! Call our expert team out for your preventative maintenance inspection and avoid costly repairs and damage to your septic system.

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Parkland County Septic Repairs and Installations

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